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Ask me about my taste in music. Karl Urban yelled in my face once, it was awesome. I like kpop and tv shows and roleplaying and League of Legends. A lot of Kpop. Especially B.A.P, Block B, SuJu, BigBang, Exo and more Suju.

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You commies looking for this?

… okay, so a few days ago somebody was listing in their tags all the movies Sebastian Stan’s been in, and one of the tags was “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and I THOUGHT THEY WERE KIDDING.

Marvel Productions; 2000 - 2015

for real though. 

for real though. 

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he was dancing excitedly to ‘I Do I Do’ , then he fell into the ditch ………

he was dancing excitedly to ‘I Do I Do’ , then he fell into the ditch ………

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These classical musicians play their instruments in a way you’ve never seen before.

A rather compelling visual experience, on top of being a flawless musical demonstration, performed by Salut Salon, a charming German quartet from Hamburg. 

i aspire to be these women


Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus


The adventures of Lady Who Is Also a Knight and Willowy Poet Boyfriend! I like to think that they just play dumb medieval pranks on each other all the time. Willowy Poet Boyfriend usually does not grasp that she is pranking him until it is too late. He tries to get back at her by composing a catchy lay about how obsessed she is with pegging, and then realizes what he has done only when people start to look at him funny on the street. Willowy Poet Boyfriend is not the master of pranks.

Will Lady Who Is Also a Knight win her jousting match? Will I ever escape from relying on anachronisms for humor value? Will these adventures actually continue? Does reversing an established binary qualify as true transgression? The questions are endless! TUNE IN NEXT TIME (IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME) FOR MORE QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS